Built in 2016, on an area of 5hectares, we are situated approximately 5metres from one of the largest dunes of the Erg Chebbi, where some of the dunes rise to 150meters from the surrounding hamada (rocky desert), our nearest towns are Erfoud and Rissani. Merzouga is around 40kilometres away.

Sahara Luxury Camps has been painstakingly designed by its owner, Nourdine El Jakani. It is the result of 15years of tourism experiences in the desert region of Morocco. Born in the desert, schooled in six languages, and building his travel company from scratch, Nourdine has always wanted to share his love for the desert with guests who travel from all over the world to have that exceptional, out of the ordinary experience. But what he wanted most was to give his guests a moment in the desert that they would never forget or ever be able to replicate, anywhere else in the world.    A night, or two nights, in the desert, in one of Nourdine’s specially designed tents  will have you craving more. It is a glamping treat you’ll never forget. 

With a capacity for 45-48 guests, Sahara Luxury Camps has 16 luxury tents comprising of a private bedroom with ensuite bathroom, shower, and toilet. The tents have their own heating and air conditioning. The tents are approximately 24M², and each tent has Wi-Fi.

Three tents comprise sleeping facilities for up to three people. However, the camp has extra beds so many formations of sleeping arrangements can be provided in all the tents.

Our restaurant, PERGOLA, can cater for up to 80 guests. Its intimate space is perfect for weddings, family celebrations and small conferences. Meticulously designed by owner of the campsite, Nourdine El Jakani, it is like stepping into a sanctuary of quiet, pleasure and oriental fantasy. Our Chefs, Mustafa, and Mohamed are capable in both traditional and modern cuisines. They use only the best and freshest ingredients from our surrounding region where we have a working relationship with a permaculture farm close by our camp. During your stay you can visit and help in the harvesting of farm fresh, organic vegetables and bring some home for dinner

Two of our most popular specialities, at our famous PERGOLA restaurant use beef from cattle that roam on the Moroccan Highlands, and chicken. The beef is marinated in delicious, earthy spices, uniquely Moroccan, to make the hearty, delectable Beef, Prunes and Almond Tagine. Or, you can choose the traditional Chicken, Olive and Preserved Lemon Tagine – a marriage of juicy chicken flavoured with green olives and lemon. Fresh vegetables, salads, along with fresh fruit are served with every meal. Exceptional Moroccan wines complete the culinary experience served to you under the stars in tranquil silence as desert sands roam and reshape the dunes and soft breezes blow the cobwebs of life’s stresses away. By the campfire, candles flickering, and above, the sky ablaze with millions of stars, everything you have ever dreamed about your desert experience suddenly comes to life. This is one unforgettable experience!

We often invite our guests to begin their day with breakfast served on their private terrace outside their tents or we will serve you breakfast in the comfort of a dune where we will set up a space entirely for you.  Lunch of an assortment of Moroccan goodies will be served when hunger calls. Later in the day, when it’s time to linger with a sunset, we will find the best positions for you at the top of a majestic dune, with a panoramic view. Here, you can sip sparkling wine and canapés (surcharge) and throw all your cares to the passing wind.

During the day, the “Bar” in the PERGOLA RESTAURANT offers all kinds of refreshments. You can drink your coffee or your fresh Moroccan Mint Tea in the early morning and return for a wide range of cocktails served in the evening. Of course, we will also be glad to serve you beverages at your private terrace too.